Monday, September 14, 2009

Im in hastings right now. I see a lot of fantasy/scifi books in the teen section but i see no melissa walker or i wanna be your joey ramone! No offense to those books. But please reprensent all areas of the aspect. And please dont put too many copies if no one buys it. No offense but i want more copies of my books. They might be the popular ones if there is no copy so i guess i cant complain if the store doesnt order the right amount.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sorry Guys, Long Summer

I had to work all summer and did not have access to internet on my computer. I did not realize that I had 33 followers (publically) and even had people email to advertise them on my page. I feel so proud! If I had not responded to emails that you have sent to my gmail account, I will respond as soon as I can. I will try to get more reviews up as soon as I can. I hope to get active again!


Peace, Love, Vote Books!