Monday, February 23, 2009

Meetin' Monday: Book Chic

Book Chic has graciously offered to my first Meetin' Monday! Yea! I've got to start somewhere, right?
Well, as you might figure out. These are not typical questions you read all the time. Well, they are in a way, I guess. So here he is. Don't forget to comment on what you guys think about it! Thanks!

What is your full name?

I'd rather not reveal my full name, but my first name is James.

What has been a promient interview that has stuck out in your memory?
Well, Lauren Barnholdt's was the first one I ever did, so that's a great memory. I'm also proud of my interviews with Meg Cabot- I'd been a fan for like 3 years and then I had the chance to interview her for my blog. It was a dream come true.

What has been a promient book that has stayed with you over the years, even from when you were a child?
I don't know, lol. I have SUCH a horrible memory. In fact, a mystery that I had solved several months back now has to be solved again, lol. Luckily, I found the answer on a blog entry from September. One of the series I LOVED to read as a child was the Billy and Blaze series, about a boy and his horse and they do amazing things or something along those lines. A more recent one would probably be the Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot, as it was the first YA book I read and it got me started on reading YA.

Who are some people you looked up to growing up?
Here's the thing... I didn't look up to people. I mean, yeah, I had favorite actors/actresses, authors, etc. but no one I really looked up to. I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life until I was already pretty much grown up, so yeah. Probably not the best answer ever to this question, lol. Right now though, I guess I look up to authors, particularly ones like Meg Cabot and Sarah Dessen, who now write full-time as their job. It's something that I want to be able to do someday. 

Were you nervous first contacting authors or them first contacting you?
A tiny bit, but not really. I mean, barely a week passed from starting my blog that I went and contacted the queen of YA Meg Cabot to ask for an interview. Authors are people too, though I do still get WAY excited meeting them and also tend to clam up because I'm scared of saying something stupid in front of them, so it shouldn't be a huge deal contacting them. The worst thing that can happen is that they don't reply or say no, but in my experience, they'll do so politely. The YA community is so kind and caring- it's a pleasure to be part of it all. 

I don't think I was nervous if an author contacted me since they were seeking me out. I generally became more excited when that happened, lol. The nervousness occurred when contacting authors, as mentioned above.

Who was your first author you contacted and how did you feel?
Technically, Lauren Barnholdt was the first, but it was for an entirely different reason. It was to help promote her new book (at the time) Two-Way Street and she was looking to her LJ friends to post reviews of it on their blog or on Amazon. She was also willing to do interviews if people wanted to include those. Well, I have a Livejournal, so I had just planned on doing it there, but in the course of coming up with questions, I thought to myself "This is really fun. I want to do this more often." and I decided to make a book review blog. I had never read any review blog before, so I had very little idea of how to go about it and how to contact people, but that was the beauty of being on Myspace since lots of authors are on here. It made contacting and showing off my blog easier. 

What is your favorite bite size candy?
Yay, a short answer finally! hehe. I love Skittles. In fact, I'm going to go have some right now. :) 

Thanks so much for having me on your blog!! I loved these questions! :)

Book Chic

Man, isn't he just the awesomest? I love making up my words or using ones people have already made up, ha!


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