Sunday, March 29, 2009

Book Signing

So as you guys saw in the 'In My Mailbox' post, I got to see Laurie Halse Anderson. There's a full story in the vlog so you gotta check it out. If you can't watch videos cuz your computer is slow, email me and I'll tell you the story.

What's even worse (on my part) is that I haven't finished Wintergirls yet. I know I should have read it on my way up there, but instead I was playing my Gameboy Advance SP (partly old-school, partly with the times). I told her that but she said that she wouldn't chatise me for it because I am a college student, so I need some time off from reading. Yea!

Here she is hugging me after she found out I was in college after writing her essay. I didn't know someone could get so excited: 

Here we are doing the "typical" book signing thing: 

And here is my favorite picture, the one with us showing off our Converse: 

Here is my signed copy of Wintergirls: 

Here is my signed copy of Speak: 

This is my hat with the Speak Up About Speak button: 

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- Melissa - said...

Luckyy! I wish she would come near our town...
:O where EVER did you get the button?