Sunday, March 1, 2009

Meetin' Monday: Hope's Bookself

Hope from Hope's Bookshelf is my second Meetin' Monday. Yea! Remember, these questions are somewhat conventional, I guess. You are free to comment.

What is your real name?


What has been a promient interview that has stuck out in your memory?

I like all of the interviews I've done, but I think my favorites were the ones I did with Sara Shepard and Siobhan Vivian. They were the first few interviews I did, and they will always hold a spot in my heart... and cliched as that sounds.

What has been a promient book that has stayed with you over the years, even from when you were a child?

CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM! It has been my favorite book since I was four or five. I love it so much, I don't have to use the book anymore... I can recite it from memory. :)

Who are some people you looked up to growing up?

My mom and my grandma are two people I still look up to today. They are strong and independent women. They do many things to help the community, and I just really look up to them.

Were you nervous first contacting authors or them first contacting you?

When I first started blogging, I was scared to contact authors. After a while, I realized that they were real people, just like us, and I started to contact them, too.

Who was your first author you contacted and how did you feel?

The first author I contacted was... Sara Shepard, I do believe. I asked if she would like to do an interview for my blog. And then I got an e-mail back saying that she would love to, and that when she got final copies of the Pretty Little Liars book she would send me a signed copy. Let's just say that I was on Cloud Nine for weeks following that e-mail. :)

what is your favorite bite size candy?

M&Ms. The peanut ones or the regular ones... it doesn't matter to me. :)

Wasn't that fun? Keep watching back for more Meetin' Mondays with more interesting people!


Marie Hansen said...

This is a cute idea... interviewing bloggers! Cool ;)

BookChic said...

Fun interview- I love Hope's site! :)